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Payment For The Feeble Ones

Updated on July 2, 2015

As it is a business world
Slaves to the digits
With notes and words
They have no regrets

And this is what you meant to be

A human being
Made of paper and copper
Walking without seeing
Stuck in this reality forever

And for the green never free


You are nothing
Under the business world
Just another number in the system
You are nothing
Business comes first
Before those sack of bones

Hailing the currency signs
The emblem to your soul
Under hands crossing lines
Mankind has got to fall

The green is the mighty

In God we trust
Printed on every unit
Give us more you must
Or fall in this regret

No reason to fight it


Get to it, ape!

(Guitar Solo 1)

A new child born
Place a price tag
It's part of this society

It would learn
Just to serve
The higher power
Of the money community

There is no choice
Business comes first
Before the human soul
Contribute to our faction
Succeed interaction
To us all
We're under your CONTROL

(Guitar Solo 2)

We have all eyes on you
And there's no way to run
We will follow you
And there's no escape

You'll remain silent
No right for the speech
We think and we speak
On your behalf

We're a group for hungry
The digits flying in the skies
We'll erase your memory
There is nothing BUT LIES

As a human,
You are meant for this
Chained to the numbers
Nothing for you to miss
Bring you family members

They are all ours

Everyone you know
Everyone you loved
Everyone you met
They are ours forever
For this business machine


(Guitar Solo 3)

There is no fighting it anymore
We are victors to this score
You are part of the system
And you shall never win
Unless you are with us
Faces you can trust
You can always be the fool
And the numbers shall rule

Business imprinted on your soul
Business imprinted on your loved one
Business will control your lives
Business shall devour your entity

(Chorus) x 2

Bow down to the world of business, ape!


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