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Peace And Quiet

Updated on July 11, 2013

A peace of mind-poem

There are times when it's hard to cope with issues that place a string on ones life. A piece of mine is what you are in search of.

it's three O'clock in the morning I stand on my balcony starring out into space,watching the quietness of the night. The sky is so peace and quiet,as the clouds rolls around expressing ,themselves to the world.

. Standing there in my house coat; in the coolness of the morning, leaves a cool breeze that swepts over my body, leaving me completely cold.

My mind traveled back to the beginning of the day, I still could feel the intensive of a conversation I had a few hours earlier, leaving me in shock. At that moment I wanted to scream but nothing came from my mouth, as I asks God why me.

For hours I stood their just enjoying the quietness of the early morning before, the beginning of dawn and another day.


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