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Peace-A Poem

Updated on April 26, 2014


The past haunts the future and keeps us awake at night.

People judge here-say and not what’s wrong or right.

Regrets linger in the shadows of our mind.

Guilt will consume us if it has the time.

Worry is oppressive when all you want is rest.

Thoughts become obsessive in trying to be the best.

Perfection is an all-consuming yet elusive dream.

It promises happiness but that is just a scheme.

“Control is what we need,” we tell ourselves this lie.

“Money, friends, and beauty will surely happiness buy.”

But when the moon rises and darkness closes in

Truth whispers soft and deep to our souls within.

“The war that wages inside you is common to all men.”

“The struggles that you face- there’s nothing new to them.”

It’s the war between what we see and what is really there.

It’s the fight between the here and now and of counting every care.

Jesus says, “Come all who are weary and I will give you rest.”

“Trust in me and I will show what is best.”

The things you must give up will be a long and lengthy list.

The things you will gain will fill the holes of your every heart wish.

Daily a decision must be surely made.

Control must be given to the One we trust instead.

Love of money and things better and greater still

Must be let go and surrendered to His will.

Perfection is impossible as is pleasing all.

Let that really sink in and free you from the law.

When your mind and heart are cleaned of all these daily cares

Peace floods in your soul like water everywhere.

Peace, sweet peace, I cannot get enough.

It is my drug of choice when life becomes too tough.

Peace, true peace only comes from letting go.

Peace, God’s peace means giving up all we know.


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