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Updated on March 29, 2017

Don't waste your time crying for someone who doesn't feel for you

Everyone can see me smile but inside I'm dying.But everything is going to be okay...

The worst type of crying is silent crying, especially when all others are asleep...when all seems to be darkened..when it seems you cant breathe anymore.You can feel the sorrow in your throat.

The toughest job is to smile through silent pain

The air foggy mist,

hazy, heavily thick.

It makes me solely sick.

Beyond it can’t be seen,

I feel lazy lean.

The inhaled air chokes my throat,

wherever I had been.

In this unclear zone;

This is all I prefigure-

It is a prompt trigger

of dreadful devastation,

fierce fire invasion.

It burns outright my soul,

the world, the whole nation.

In grave gloominess,

My sentiments redouble,

I’m plunged in my trouble.

How I harden my heart!

Don’t know where to start,

I run about here and there

with heaviness I dart.

This cruel indifference,

I strongly decry.

My soul intensely dull and dry.

In foul mind, in horrid state,

hatred is all they cultivate.

On top of my face, betraying me,

they sternly close every gate.

In such a crowded place ,

I become completely lone,

no one to call my own.

Quarrels and strife,

strike me with a knife.

Serious conflicts, violent attacks

break through my life.

Such a day has come!

Times brave, beneficial,

Turned critical, crucial,

when friends conspire,

hard it is to aspire.

Even past , pleasant days

fail to inspire.

To get a bit of joy,

how I become wild,

like an impractical child.

but who cares for my desires,

my wants, my pleasures.

Who knows what I cherish?

My heart’s precious treasures?

The earth today is filled with

bluffs and cheaters,

devil defeaters.

All glare at me,

with red eyes they see.

In this conspiring world,

how can I be!

In such a confused state,

how I long for a companion,

a bold , good opinion,

somebody to console

my insipid soul.

Oh! I’m tender as a deer,

scared as a mole!

In this lonely world,

noisily I moan,

growl and groan.

In this deadly site,

I’m ready to fight.

I squeeze through hope in darkness

to reach eternal light!

Things may appear gloomy ahead and the path in front seems to be a trap, but if you stop walking you will never know what is awaiting for you in the corners.

in grave gloominess
in grave gloominess
in this lonely world
in this lonely world
fierce fire invasion
fierce fire invasion
bluffs and cheaters
bluffs and cheaters
Quarrels ans strife
Quarrels ans strife
I squeeze through hope in darkness..
I squeeze through hope in darkness..
to reach eternal life
to reach eternal life

Depression is a like living in a living body whose mind is dead.It is like losing your mind.In that case hope is something which can fetch you peace.


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    • Debangee Mandal profile imageAUTHOR


      21 months ago from India

      Thanks Ashish for your kind words.

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      21 months ago


      Very nicely written:)

      I loved each paragraph and they are very well written good rhymes :)

      Welcome to HubPages

    • AshleyMokeira profile image

      Tabitha Ashley Mokeira Michoma 

      22 months ago from Kenya

      Amazing. Emotions so intense to capture the mood.


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