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Peeta is the new Edward: Hunger Games vs Twilight

Updated on November 28, 2010

When it comes to leading YA literature men, I say out with Edward and in with Peeta. Peeta is the male protagonist in the sci-fi adventure series Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and let me tell you, he is as loving and manly as Edward, the cold blooded vampire from the Twilight series, is cold and arrogant.

While I was never a big Edward fan to begin with, I favored him over his rival Jacob. Where Jacob was, you know, most human and warm, Edward was worldly and educated. Jacob’s youth and lack of romantic prowess worked against him. It was a tough choice, but Edward won anyway, so I guess it didn’t really matter.

Peeta has all the fine qualities of Edward, but the warm, softness of Jacob. Peeta cares for his love interest, Katniss, in an undying, never-let-you-down kind of way. Unlike Edward, who devastates Bella by leaving her when she has just been through a near death experience at his expense, Peeta protects Katniss by staying by her side.

Bella’s inability to care for herself leaves her dependent on Edward. Katinss is a veritable bad-ass and doesn’t need the protection of any man. Peeta respects this about her, a move that sets him apart from the overbearing Edward.

It isn’t all Edward's fault, mind you. He was born before women’s suffrage. He had never had a romantic relationship prior to almost killing and then falling for Bella. He’s a bit of a twit when it comes to women. Peeta exists in an unnamed future time when women work beside the men to provide for their families.

Whether you credit the age in which they were born, or their inherent ability to respect women, Peeta would be my choice any day of the year. And he comes with the added bonus of not having to be transformed into an undead bloodsucker.



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    • DancingBells profile image

      Belle O'Hara 

      5 years ago from Washingtong

      OMG I totally agree with you about Peeta! Not only is he strong, capable, and protective; but he possesses empathy, mercy, and forgiveness. Oh and he went through a totally traumatic experience that I feel helped shape his character. Not that I'm GLAD Peeta got hurt! Heavens no! But it gave his character an arch, a chance to grow, and we saw that he had strength enough to overcome his past. This makes him a role model! All Edward does is catch clumsy Bella everytime she trips over herself (which is a lot). Thanks so much for posting! I enjoyed reading this!

    • profile image

      the cold one 

      6 years ago

      i like twilight better

    • profile image

      abby marsh 

      6 years ago

      i love the hunger games suzane collins has made pure gunus (idk)

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 

      8 years ago from Maryland

      I loved the series and can't wait until they make it a movie!

    • KateMcGregor profile imageAUTHOR

      Katie Griffith 

      8 years ago from Cheyenne, Wyoming

      I have read the rest of the series and I find each book is compelling in its own right. Suzanne Collins did well with this triology.

    • shellyakins profile image


      8 years ago from Illinois

      I was a Peeta fan from the beginning and got mad at Katniss when she doesn't get him. She was the distant, cold one (Edward -like) in Hunger Games. Have you read the rest of the series? (I don't want to make other comments about it and ruin it for you if you haven't)


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