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People Who Write To Me

Updated on August 21, 2009


On the whole the people who write to me are just wonderful people. I’m including in this the people who comment on my blogs as well as the people who actually send me emails. I have to say that on the whole, I get more comments and emails from women than men which is always a surprise to me, well, sort of. I mean, let’s face it, as gay kid growing up, it was my gal pals that were always laughing at my jokes and enjoying me much more than the athletic male set who used me for ridicule and general punching bag. Still, I have to say that I’m like a kid (back in the day) who would receive something in the mail. Remember how excited we used to get when in the mailbox was something addressed to you, not your parents? When someone comments or sends an email I get all excited. Can’t wait to see which blog they read or watched, what they thought, etc. because as I’ve said millions of times before, when you send these blogs out into InternetWorld you don’t really know if anyone is reading them or not unless they respond. But recently someone made a comment that I can’t help but continue to think about and I just wonder about people who write to me – Don’t Get Me Started!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t just like the positive comments. I’ve had a straight write to me to explain their repulsion of gays, I’ve had people send me bible quotes and tell me they were going to pray for me and on occasion I’ve even had the comment that someone was wishing my death. I guess it all comes with the territory when you put yourself out there.

I’ve received numerous comments from women who were either looking for a gay best pal in their neck of the woods as well as daughters who are in their thirties who then forward my blogs to their mothers and then I have both mother and daughter writing in – love that! Along the way I’ve also had some younger gays write in for some advice. I think I love these most of all. As with a teacher or anyone else who has dealings with young people, there’s just something about passing knowledge down that can’t help but make you feel as though you’re doing a good turn. It also reminds you that you’re no longer in that fourteen year old place anymore, you’ve been through it and you’ve come out the other side. In my own family I’m the self-proclaimed Gaytriarch and I have to admit that I love being a Gaytriarch to the online masses too!

But perhaps the most confusing to me are the emails and comments I get from people who have obviously not even read the blog entry. For example, I wrote a blog titled, “The International Gay, I Mean International Male Catalog” and I had more than one person asking me to send them a catalog but the best was some guy who actually wanted a Moto jacket that had been stolen and was looking to replace it. (Read the blog and comments here So that’s funny, right? But this past week I received a comment on one of the blogs I’d written awhile back that I didn’t even really remember what the blog was about at first. After re-reading it, it was one I did about how watching Maury and Dr. Phil make me feel better about myself because somewhere in my DNA it makes me feel better about myself to see others who seem so misguided or what have you. Well, the comment this woman wrote just stunned me. She didn’t tell me I was going to hell because I was getting off on the misfortune of others, instead she sent her plea to me as if I WAS Maury or Dr. Phil.

Here’s the comment:

hi for the past 14yrs i've had to deal with posture,back,knee and shoulder pain as a result of having large breast its hard tryingto by the perfect bra oh please i need your help withthis also. i already had surgery on one of my knee in process of the other and then my teeth are embarrasing even if i washed 3 times a day they are all rotten been to a couple of dentist and cant get results, please i beg of you help me smile again. Im a 43yr old single mother of four and grandmother of two gorgeous girls,im 5'2" breast size 40 D OR DD would like them smaller, have't work for the past three years becuase my knees problems,had to come to US to seek help been living in a shelter at XXXX broadway XXX st.with my 14 yr son become a phyquiatric patient dx. mayor recurrent depression with psycotic features and bipolar since 16yr my conditioned worsenthief empty my hose taking more than $10,000 in house hold items, then since i was unable to work my house underwent to forecloser ever since i hardly go out due that i dont like the way i look i only go out from my unit my self esteem ,confidence,pride are gone.PLEASE I BEG OF YOU AND YOUR CREW TO HELP ME IF YOU CAN.YOU CCAN WRITE ME AT XXX BRAODWAY XXX ST UNIT XXX NEW YORK N.Y 10025 CELL XXX-XXX-XXX I CANT WAIT TO HERE FROM YOU

So the first thing I want to do is help this woman, right? But then I dissected the comments a bit more and started thinking that while I get that she has some serious issues, I wonder if some of this could be fabricated like those emails you get asking you for money to win money out of the lottery in Spain or something? Or the “I’m a bored girl in Romania and I want to marry you” emails you get? Plus by her own admission she has psychological problems and obviously has no idea that she’s written into a forty-something year old gay instead of the actual Maury show. So spelling errors aside, I still don’t know what to do with this comment on my blog. I’m thinking I should just delete it as it has personal information that I’m sure she had no intent of being out on the Internet but then again, I have to wonder how she can be homeless and have a cell phone and Internet access. Hmmm…perhaps homeless really isn’t what homeless used to be anymore. But for the record, I do hope this woman finds the help she needs…Maury are you reading??? People who write to me – Don’t Get Me Started!

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