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People these days(and what we think makes us happy)

Updated on April 12, 2015

People these days

We have no beginning

only own present

to show in the future

that's non existent

everything is one with no true end

when your mind is done you'll see why most can't comprehend

that people these days only live through what to gain

not that people before never did the same

today there is more materiel, pride invoke, ways to obtain

People say "everything in sight will make further days bright"

This keeps them from seeing that anything seen isn't right

YOU SEE it's not about "things" we like it's not about any type of feeling that grew or died.

Happiness comes when we push the fake reality our thought made aside

be past your senses just pure being enjoy the ride

How to find happiness past your mind

Towards the beginning of the poem i wrote that we have no beginning or future.

What i meant by that was when your really happy with yourself you realize that the beginning and the future are only parts of your mind because all you will ever have is the present moment.

I then go onto say how we lost our ways and seek objects and pride full things.

We do this because of our minds. Our minds will always seek something to reward it.

Our minds will always try to make sense out of things. Our minds are never right when it comes to perceiving what will make us happy. This is true because our minds turn and bend reality.

Everything you've thought or seen isn't real. What i mean by that is when you look out into the blue sky do you really think that's how it looks just in general not being seen through a human eyeball. Everything you see is made in your thoughts. Realities true nature can not be seen by us. True happiness isn't something to be seen or even written about in exact words.

Happiness is only Found when you are able to get rid of your mind and just live in the moment accepting that you don't break or make the universe because you are apart of the universe.

This is my opinion constructed by my mind so I am not posting this because I think I'm right about my theory of existence. I am posting this because this has helped me find happiness and i hope i can help others do the same.

Here is a link to a great speaker i have found that has helped me out a lot.


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