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Perfect Life (A Poem)

Updated on February 28, 2015

I don't want a Perfect Life...

I don't want a perfect life,Or a perfect love,I don't want to have perfect sleep,Or a perfect home.I don't want to have a perfect man,Or perfect friends,I run from perfection as soon as I sense it,Perfection, equals boring, perfection is having nothing to look forward too, because everything is, well, perfect.Perfection is a mask, a mirage of lies up ahead, a goal no one will ever reach, because it's in the DNA, encrypted to being broken and strange, to being random and all of a sudden, to have moments of pain, just to build up our souls.Like love, love isn't meant to be perfect, love has to be as far away from perfection as possible, in order to work, in order to form and re create a new world of blending 2 souls together, beauty, in an imperfect world. Life can't be life, if it's perfect. You need to make mistakes, so you can learn to laugh,You need broken hearts,So you can learn to love,You need to lose,So you can learn not to take for granted. Be imperfect, because it's that imperfection, of a broken tune,That will make your inner beauty shine through.


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