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Perfect Moment (Poem)

Updated on January 19, 2016

Perfect Moment



Perfect image of absolute perfection.

Nothing from a gift sent from the heaven

to heal the wounded human hearts.

This wasn't an illusion;

it was totally real.

As real as the heartbeat

of a young soul in love.

perfect image of absolute perfection

that filled everything with its quietness.

There was no time to feel afraid

about what tomorrow could bring.

That little moment was absolutely perfect.


The crippling fear suddenly became

a pale shadow of what it used to be.

The black cloud was slowly going away,

letting the world see some sweet sunbeams.

There was a little place

for a tiny bit of hope.

Tiny shadows of doubt

turned into bright hope.

Perfect image of absolute perfection

that made the hate turn

into pure forgiveness,

putting behind

all of those painful memories.

Tender embrace

that healed so many broken hearts.

Please, my loved one,

tell me it wasn't only a dream.

I need something beautiful,

just like this,

to be able to face another day up.

Perfect image of absolute perfection,

Please, tell me that you do exist

in the real world.

I need it to know it right now.

You give me some hope

when everything looks dark.


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