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Perfect People

Updated on November 2, 2011

I'm sure you know a perfect person. Not in the physical sense, but someone incapable of making mistakes. They do exist. At work, an old friend from college, or you may even have one in the family. They are walking around and gracing us with their mere presence. They mingle amongst us mortals, ready to explain things we cannot understand, pointing out our shortcomings and shaking their head in disgust.

Perfect people don't make mistakes, but boy do they know when you do. You should have listened to me, or I told you not to do that! are among their favorite expressions. You may even find yourself thinking Why aren't they more successful? They obviously have it all figured out. Don't do this. A perfect person is here to fix your problems, or at least notify you when you've messed up or done something wrong. They don't have time to worry about their own well being. Think of them as a martyr of sorts.

A perfect person is a rare find, if you know one consider yourself lucky. Let's say you just finished a home improvement job. The next time Mr. or Mrs Perfect is over, have them take a look. They will immediately inspect and offer their opinion. They will show you all the imperfections and offer advice on how they would have gone about the project. Maybe you overpaid a contractor, soak in these lessons for future use.

Perfect people also watch sports, although few have actually played. Watching a game with perfect person is a learning experience. Embrace the moment, you are going to hear what plays the coach of the team should have been calling. Watching football? A perfect person can tell you mistakes the quarterback made and that although he is a professional athlete playing at the highest level, he is in fact, a bum. Enjoy, you are receiving insight from a great mind, take it in.

Just bought a car? Who better to point out a blemish in the paint job than a perfect human being? Yeah, they noticed and they are going to let you know that they noticed. They may also let you know exactly how much you overpaid and what kind of deal they would have gotten had they gone with you to buy it. Pay attention.

At the workplace a perfect person is a huge asset to the team. Who else is going to tell you how much faster they accomplished that job that took you a week. This is great motivation. No matter what you do or how well you did it, there's old perfect to reign you in and bring you back to reality. Although they may be disliked by coworkers and are never available when needed, the company could never survive without them.

Now I'm sure there are perfect women too. Perhaps they could tell you that the new blouse you bought really isn't your color. Take advantage and listen as they tell you about how great they are at their job or just how perfect their husband or boyfriend has been. Kids? Oh yeah, the perfect gene was passed right down and the kids are far too advanced for their age.

So the next time you are around a perfect person, don't feel down about yourself, instead feel fortunate you have this breadth of knowledge at your disposal. Listen closely to walking perfection and maybe, just maybe, you will walk away a smarter, more knowledgeable human being.


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