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Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society #3) by Ally Carter

Updated on November 20, 2016

As "Perfect Scoundrels" opens, it is six weeks after the events of "Uncommon Criminals." Kat and Hale are still together and everything has been going smoothly for our young lovers until literally the middle of an art job in Argentina. Marcus interrupts them at an inopportune moment and Hale takes off.

It isn't until after she and Gabrielle return the artwork that they were retrieving in Argentina to Abiram and return home that Kat finds out that Hale left because his grandmother, Hazel, had fallen into a coma. Hazel has, when Kat first hears about this, just recently died.

In the wake of his grandmother's death, Hale gets pulled back into the world that Kat had stolen him from two years earlier and he becomes both physically and emotionally unavailable to her. She finally breaks into Hazel's funeral, where she meets Hale's "old friend," Natalie Garrett, who is the daughter of the family attorney. Kat also overhears the reading of the will and finds that Hazel has left Hale Industries to Hale with Natalie's father as the trustee to watch over the company until Hale turns 25.

Marcus, however, believes that the will that was read was not Hazel's true will. Marcus's sister, Marianne, was Hazel's assistant and best friend for nearly 60 years and yet the will did not mention Marianne at all. This rings false to Marcus and Marianne and also to Kat. Kat agrees to search Hazel's desk, which had at least one hidden drawer, to see if she could find another will.

Her promise is a source of conflict for Kat, though, because being made his grandmother's heir has finally made Hale feel that someone in his family loved him. What happens if the new will disinherits Hale completely? How can she tell her boyfriend that the only proof he's ever had that someone in his family loved him may have been a lie?

"Perfect Scoundrels" is my second-favorite of the "Heist Society" books so far. We still spend plenty of time in international locations, including London, Venice, and in an abandoned mansion on the coast of Canada, but the most fascinating place we go is deep inside the Hale family. We compare the raucous family to which Kat belongs with the quiet dysfunctionality of the incredibly wealthy Hales.

When I read a book, I don't read one. word. at. a. time. I more or less watch the action happening in front of me. It's almost like a movie or television for me. Therefore, when something happens that reminds me that I'm reading a book, it throws me out and bothers me. One of those things that happens here is a failure of editing. Three times, the word "broach" is used in place of "brooch." And every time I had to stop, think, "brooch," and then get back into the book.

I also had a couple of moments that threw me out on my reread. I now knew what was going on, and actually had to stop and think, "Why would (character) behave that way, since (what is actually going on)?" Fortunately, I was able to figure how (behavior) did actually make sense, or I would have had to have knocked down this book a little in my rankings, which I didn't want to do.


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