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"Permanent" Original Poetry

Updated on January 28, 2014

Never forget
The dark silhouette
That lurks in the light
That sparks you to sweat
That barks down your neck
It whispers so loud
It's the sound of your heart
In regret


It's the sound of the castle you built
Coming Down
It's the shroud
It's the last bit of filth
On your crown
It's a noun
You are simply a word in inaction
You are Idle
Lucifer's satisfaction


Until Life it comes crashing
Down on you asking
To be brave and swim
In the wave everlasting
Your are not in passing
You are always here
Whether present has past
Or future is near


You are here
Like soul in the firmament
You are forever
So, you are permanent
As a poem lives
By the words that are in it
You were given this life
To work while you live it

Is there life after death?

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