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Personal Values

Updated on August 4, 2016

Personal Values

Personal Values
Adolescence can be a difficult period and fear as you try to understand the changes that are appearing on your body, experiencing new feelings and develop new relationships with the opposite sex. More than ever, it is important to understand your personal values ​​with your own capital. You are a unique individual with talents and abilities unlike anyone else. You have something to make people around me influence you access to the outside world and make it better.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult for you to see the unique abilities that you have, especially if you try to understand your body and the changes it is undergoing. In this page we will discuss more about your body image and what you can do to help understand the value of myself more.

Appreciate your body

Images of the body including the way we think about how we look, how we believe others see us, and we feel for how his body. Even those of us who usually loves his body these days also do not feel confident about your body.

It is important to understand that the body "ideal" may change over time. When most of Europe formerly poor and do not have enough food, only the rich new fat. Renoir painted the fat woman, but at the time it was regarded as "ideal".

The question for you:

Why do some people design and color to be considered attractive while the others do not?
According to you, how you conceived of an ideal body?
You love her. with skin like? Why?
Your conception of beauty how comprehensive?
If a person has the beauty of form but not of the soul, the beauty has not been considered beautiful?
But until there is enough food for most people is a sign of wealth become the willing denial of food than to eat enough. Body image "ideal" has changed into fat and not skinny anymore.

Previously when most people have to work outdoors, only rich people could stay indoors: women at home, men at work. So the rich countries and the poor whites with darker complexions. Today, in the West, many poor people have to work in factories or offices, and they can not stay in places with sunlight. Only rich people have the ability to stay on the coast. So the body "ideal" Western has changed: people still want to lean, but strong and muscular with tanned skin.

Sometimes so many of us feel uncomfortable or not confident about their own body. These feelings may be even more intense by the pressure from friends, family, ourselves and the media to look is the body "ideal" than today's.

Many people like to look like a model or actor in the magazines, movies or on television. In fact, you should know that the model and actor in real life do not look like their photos! Special lighting, editing, computer or other photography tips can make them look better in photos outside. The next time you think: "I wish I could look like remember that it looks them in the picture "perfect." than in real life!

While sometimes you feel uncomfortable about your body is normal, it is important that we must focus on resolving this feeling. These negative feelings about your body can lead to low self-esteem, depression, and do not care about the health and happiness.


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