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"Perspective" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on May 21, 2014


A black man in a green shirt rides by me on a bike

I lay back in a truck

The thought hits me

Where is he going?

What is he doing?

Why is he doing it?

Why am I laying back in a truck instead of swimming in Cancun?

Look at me, always questioning

Never just being


Flawed n flawless

A dichotomy

A riddle

A puzzle

A roller coaster of monotony

Everyone is trying to get off

Can you smell the taste of a sound touching what you can't see?

Five sensations for the slaves

Paid programming

Messages coded via cents and senses


On and for emotions


On humanity



We weep for our loss

Of true identity

Trapped in the mind's of killers

Prisoners of perspective, told and sold the word

The lie


Two syllables

A concept

A sound

A whisper

A secret

A creation to keep us captive

A gift given

An empty box with pretty paper and a bow


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    • Eric Flynn profile image

      Eric Wayne Flynn 3 years ago from Providence, Rhode Island

      You are right. Thanks as always Jodah.


    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Eric, I can imagine you laying back in a truck watching a black man in a green shirt ride by on a bike wondering all those things and more. From your poetry it appears that you are a person that questions everything in the world around you seeking to read between the lines and behind the doors to discover the true reasons for everything. Am I right? Great poem.