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Pet Name Fame

Updated on April 3, 2013

To My Dearest Kris,

I love when you call me pet names

None of them have definitions that mean the same

They make me all giggly and tingly inside

They make me want to play childhood games like you come seek me while I hide

Suga Wuga is my favorite

Cause boy you know how sweet I can be.

Some times you even talk to Bertha secretly.

Ba pronounced Bay has been in this love affair for years

and Big mama is always so sincere.

Anna Mae is for jokes and for times we feel silly.

Bookie is for days when you just want to talk dearly.

I’m your boo cause I know you love me so

and Bookilicious just stuck for only reasons you know.

My little Smidget is one I’d like to ignore

but Babycakes I’ll take any day for sure...

I love you my love and all the names you have for me.

I some times wonder what knew names will come to be.

Although I don’t have too many pet names for you,

These are very special to me and they make me feel special too!


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