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Pets A Plenty That I Had In My Life

Updated on February 10, 2017

My Little Puppy

My little puppy was given to me just weeks old.

And grew up so fast as she was about five years old.

Now a big dog and a mother of three.

All my little puppies will be living with me .

Three little puppies running around.

Just looking for something to pull down.

Frisky one ,frisky two and frisky three they are so cute and when they are all grown they are going to be beautiful that I can see :)

My Cat name Mittens

I has a kitten.

And I called her mittens.

You see mittens she always like to tear.

She jumped on my lap.

And run down my back.

And then ran away.

She hopped by again and continued the same.

Playing and tearing my mittens like it was a game.

Goldie My Gold Fish

Goldie was my gold fish.

I gave her Goldie by name.

As all the colors of her scale described her the same.

Goldie was gold with a white dot on her back.

I think it was there for her just a dot of luck.

Goldie swimming in her tank round and round.

Sometimes stopping to look at the sandy rock ground.

Goldie stopped to eat some fish flakes.

But it stomach is so small and just a little it will take.

Goldie swimming and now has a smile on her face.

Yes! Her fish flakes was delicious to her and had a good taste :)

My Pet Turtles

I has so many of them big ones and small.

Turtles walking in my home just slowly walking through the hall.

Some were so small that two was able to fit in my hand.

And the look of their beautiful shell always looked so grand.

And as I watch them walking so very slow.

They got to their destinations but it took some minutes or so.

These little and big animals all armored in shell.

Walking so gracefully Yes! Their movements always tell .

My Turtles

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