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Phase 2 Contest Begins I Need Your Vote

Updated on November 28, 2009


After a blessed family weekend where we entertained 19 family members for Thanksgiving -- I am truly thankful that they all graced our home. My only regret is it didn't last long enough! Our two daughters and son who is serving in Afghanistan couldn't be with us, but having so many around helped fill that gap! I hope everyone had a rich and blessed Thanksgiving-- each one of my Hub "friends!"

Thanks to your votes, I was in the top 10! Please help me once again! This time only the TOP EIGHT will be chosen!! This is the SECOND round of this “American Idol For Publishing” type of contest - and I need your vote by MIDNIGHT NOV. 30th !

1. Please go to: The Anomaly

2. . If you have registered please skip to step #3. If you have not registered please register. Fill out their form and then you will be sent a registration key. Follow the link in the email – then cut and paste your registration key. You’ll be sent back to the main Anomaly page. (Remember register once and you won’t have to do this again for the other rounds).

3. Click on “Marcher Lord Select”.

4. At the top of the page (under advertising banner) click on “Sub Boards: Phase 2 Premise Contest” This link is fourth from the top.

5. On this next page - click on the first link down: “Phase 2: Premise-Only Contest--Poll 1 of 2”

6. My submission is the 5th one down called, “The Watchers” -- Please vote for me but you must vote for at least two others besides me. This is very important or your vote won’t count!

That’s it! Once the voting is over I will let you know the results! Thank you SO much for those of you voting! This means the world to me!


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    • cjv123 profile image

      Carol 8 years ago from Michigan

      Many, many thanks! How kind of you to keep supporting this effort of mine! I will let you know!

    • ReuVera profile image

      ReuVera 8 years ago from USA

      Did it. Let us know how it's going.