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Phasmatis's Inheritance A story of short fiction

Updated on June 15, 2010


Thank you for spending time to read this.

First the title of the short story is Inheritance. I had to give it a long name in the Hubpage area because Inheritance was already taken and the system was giving me issues about the title not having enough spaces.

I made this for an assignment and I do hope you enjoy it.



I woke up just short of two weeks ago, without memory or purpose. In that moment I was greeted by someone who I thought was my friend, how I knew the word friend I don’t know; I also don’t know how I knew to feel uneasy about the whole thing. That doubt though, I knew I should trust.

They, those I met, informed me that they rescued me, saved me from certain death. Their words were hollow somehow, and rang in a way I did not know how to identify at the time but now I would call, empty.

They told me I was special, that I was different than the rest of humanity and that while I didn’t know who I was, or what I was for that matter, that I should fight; for what I was uncertain. It arose a curiosity in me, about yearning to know who I was and yet I tried to put it to the back of my mind. They said they were my allies and I had nothing else to believe so I believed that.

Yet through my doubt and with a lack of reason I went along with them. It was soon after that moment that I got my first inkling of what I was. That those I was fighting knew something. A Corporation, evil I was told; that they sought world domination, how much of it truth I can’t say.

At that moment I had a goal, my first in my existence as it turned out and that was to find out who and what I was; why I had these powers and for what reason I was given them. For some reason I knew without being told that these people that I was attacking possessed the answers I craved, that I needed.

It was three days after my awaking in that armored transport without memory, that I got my first confirmation of what I believed to be true. We hit a research facility in Siberia and while the others were completing their objectives, I snuck myself away and browsed through a computer system. How I knew how to operate that thing before me I did not know, but I was finding out that I knew how to do many things that surprised me.

I found a picture of myself and a file that was encrypted, yet another surprise knowing that term. It gave the coordinates for a medical facility and there is where I had to go, I knew this from the bottom of my existence that at that moment I was on the path to finding out what I was.

It took some convincing but I managed to get the people in-charge, cowards who only communicated by monitors as they rushed me around to do their dirty work, to agree to the mission. It is obvious now why, but at the time their fear escaped me.

On day four we hit the facility that was beneath the hospital, my powers, psychic in nature (another discovery in the file) were growing stronger. My drive grew with them. I tossed people around like they were weightless, I was beginning to be able to set things of fire with thought. The people I was with began giving me funny looks, but I didn’t care for I only had one thing on my mind, the truth.

While they raided the upper sections I went to where I knew my answers lied. The place familiar for reasons I could not say at the time. The term home came to mind. Was I here before, what was I doing here? I wanted to know more than ever.

Finally I found the area, a genetics division. There I found part of the truth from the person I should call mother, I suppose. She was amazed at how much I had matured; I suppose that is what a mother is supposed to think when they see their children after awhile. Her words rang with truth and riddles. Yet she couldn’t give me all the answers before she was forced to retreat from my allies as they burst into the area in a rush. That is when I realized they didn’t want me knowing the truth of my existence.

They drugged me with some form of knock out gas and I lost five days while their bosses decided what to do with me. I had grown too powerful, I posed a threat to them and it felt natural. I awoke from a dream in an underground holding area; a voice edging me on, it was not my own. It began to guide me out of my prison and onward to my vengeance.

The facility burst into flames around me as I left a trail of destruction in my wake. I was angry at being betrayed, at having my answers snatched from right before me. My mother who isn’t my mother, it was complicated but simple. She helped raise me for a grand purpose she said. I don’t know what she meant and these people would be the blunt of my rage for taking that answer from me.

Finally I made it to the commander’s office. The same pompous ass who gave me orders, who sat back and let others do his work. He tried to shoot me to no avail and when I questioned him he knew nothing, they told him nothing; thus he was as much in the dark as I was but his time was at an end and I shot him straight in the head.

That brought an end to my time with the group of people who in my entire time with them I never got to know, nor did I get a name. It is in retrospect that I realize that I could have spent more time building new memories. It is with the wisdom of the future that I can condemn my actions of the past.

I didn’t know what to do from there. I spent a couple days thinking of what to do next. It should have been immediately obvious what I needed to do, where I needed to go but at the time I was confused, disoriented, and was without direction.

After two days of thinking, I realized I needed my answers. To know what and who I was and I knew who knew my answers. The person my mother called my father, the owner of the company I had been made to fight, Nick Sampson. It was he who held the keys to me existence and my future. It was he who I had to seek and so I did.

He was a hard man to track down, especially as I was hounded by the group that I had so promptly severed ties with in a most violent way. They wanted me dead, they feared me, for a reason I do not know but would soon.

Hard work pays off though, after but 2 days of searching and fighting I found him. I know where he was and I went straight there. Soon I will have my answers and that is what drives me and allows me to continue forward.

That is my story, and this is where I am. In a large skyscraper dominating the landscape of a city whose name is insignificant to the events about to unfold inside it. The entrance plaza is clear and I walk forward. I am greeting with a loud speaker and screen high on the wall flashing to life.

“Greetings my wayward child, I see you have finally come home as I knew you would.” He taunted me with his answers, but he called me his child and a yearning to know my father became known to me. Was this natural to want to know who you are, I don’t know and I don’t care because I want to know and that is that.

Onward and upward the elevator went and it stopped on the 30th floor. My former allies are here as well and they stand in my way and they will pay for that. My greeting was gunfire; it was an old greeting that I am accustomed too by now. My father’s men lay all around on the ground, dead.

Floor by floor I cleaved my way through them, elite teams of soldiers fell before me as if nothing. The dead would have their vengeance, but that didn’t matter to me, all that mattered was getting to him. I was blinded to all else that lay before me.

I found an executive elevator and proceed upward. The city unfolds outside and shrinks as I go higher and higher into the heavens. The people below having no idea of the events unfolding inside the tower, being fed whatever lie they had come up with to appease them.

Gunships and transports circles around, one took notice of me and before those onboard could open fire I telekinetically through them to the harsh ground below. The crash was met with a large and fiery explosion.

Finally I am at the top; I proceed forward with the utmost care, around me lay dead enemies. Those unfortunate enough to meet the one I would call father before me. Whoever he was, he was brutal without a doubt. Several of the bodies had their necks snapped; others had their faces blown off. It was an uneven massacre.

“Greetings my son, It is so good for you to finally come see your old man.” He said sitting behind his desk in full combat armor. I recognized the face immediately; I had seen so many of those features before in the mirror many times before.

“Father.” Was all I could manage to get out as we locked eyes, our determination burning brilliantly as we face each other.

“I think it is time we finish things my son!” With that he slid his desk across the floor at me with great force and it was all I could manage just to jump over it. Before I could even get my bearings he threw several more objects in my direction. He possessed the same powers as I. No matter my feelings, it was obvious I had to fight him.

“WEAK!” he shouted “You were raised better than that!” He knew, I knew he would know but the confirmation was all I needed to continue the fight. I stood up and hurled his desk back at him. He managed to dodge and it was time for us to exchange gunfire.

His assault rifle was a far superior model to the one I had salvaged along the way. Its rounds pounded the walls behind me and they cried with each hit. The man valued power and it showed in everything he did. I have to beat that to know, I have no other choice.

This battle raged on for what seemed like eternity but finally I had the upper hand as he was reloading. It was my time to strike and I did with a vengeance. The bullets ripped through his damaged armor as I hit him with a telekinetic blast, driving the bullets into him and him into the wall.

“Ha, that’s my boy.” He sputtered out, blood running from the side of his mouth. “I knew you would win.” He tossed his gun aside. He was admitting defeat and there was a look of relief in his eyes.

“I have so many questions; I don’t know where to begin.” I said as I kneeled down. It was a rookie mistake as he grabbed my head with both hands.

In that instant images flashed into my mind. I saw everything without words being said. He had planned this whole thing. I was born in a genetics labs, he had given me his better half so I was his son he said in my head. My mother was a leading genetics scientist he had hired for the project twenty-three years ago. I was twenty-three years old.

As he unlocked my trapped memories I knew he was the one who locked them away. He had given me birthday parties, which he attended. My life was filled with training and I wanted to make him proud of me and he was. “You far exceeded my wildest dreams.”

He showed me everything he had planned. He couldn’t defeat them himself. He knew this and he set into motion a plan 23 years in the making. He made me, to fight them, to inherit his corporate empire, and most of all to be his son, his only successor.

His pain was greater than mine. The experiments he subjected himself to, as to achieve power, power which he gave me naturally. He suffered for. Yet he guided me the whole way. It was him that led me out of that prison cell and to him.

When it was over, he looks at me; his life fading, as he had planned. “My son, take this, consider it a last gift from your father.” He weakly reached into a pocket pulling out a flash drive and he handed it to me. “It contains all you will need.”

“Father, I’m sorry.” I know it was as he planned but the sadness welled up from deep inside me. My father was going to die and by my hands, his instruments.

“Don’t be. I love you. I could never have asked for a better son.” He was fading fast. In that time he gave me one last hug, knowing exactly what I wanted and what he need to do to make me feel better.

That is how he died. That is how I found my answers. The building is surrounded. I know who I am though. I am Nick Sampson the 2nd. My inheritance… My father’s War.


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