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Phoenix Dark Phoenix - Barnsey's Attempts at Poetry

Updated on May 4, 2012


As a young boy I discovered the Xmen. They were quite unlike most ordinary super hero groups in that they were more like a close knit family. They had to look out for one another because the entire world feared and even hated them simply because of what they were. Mutants represent the next step in man's evolution and the Xmen wanted to prove to the world that they had no intention of replacing anyone. They just wanted to be allowed to live normal lives like everyone else. Of course, we would have no more mutant comics if that happened.

While Prof. X was the founder and mentor of the group the unspoken patriarch and matriarch of the huge Xmen clan were Cyclops(Scott Summers) and the Pheonix(Jean Grey). Cyclops often reminded me of the authority figures in my life because he was so commanding on the field and demanding of his teammates. I respected him and aspired to be as confidant as he while out in the wide world.

The Pheonix on the other hand had served as the lighter side of the Xmen for many years before I even started reading the comic. Her struggles with her telekinetic powers had never fully ended when she'd apparently died and was then reborn as the Pheonix. As soon as I became a teenager I fell in love with two Xmen in particular. Storm and the Pheonix. The Pheonix even more so because she seemed so human and approachable. Even while she professed her love for Cyclops she longed for Wolverine, how fickle and untrustworthy. How like the women of today!

I write this in honor of her memory and in honor of the many lessons she taught to many of us about love and life.

Pheonix Dark Pheonix

We were laughing, we were learning

Each day a new escapade

From gangly, awkward and unsure

To a veritable beauty that darkness couldn't fade

You lit a fire within that made me yearn for living

The kindest of souls you were always caring and forgiving

Your flame was the brightest, the whole world did see

Your smile was a boon and your grace set me free

I knew what a real woman was because you showed me the way

What I wouldn't give to have one such as you beside me today

Pheonix, Dark Pheonix, where have you gone?

There are countless young heroes who miss your sweet song

Pheonix, Dark Pheonix, when will you return?

When the gates of heaven are opened and the world begins to burn

Pheonix, Dark Pheonix, without you this is not the same Earth

Fear not, my time is coming, your rebirth.

Pheonix, Dark Pheonix, Arise!


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