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Philosophy Essay on Treatise on God

Updated on May 3, 2008

Religion and Science

An Essay by Me on God

I am writing about Thomas Aquinas Treatise of God. He writes about three articles. These articles all pertain to God. He asks a question and answers them himself. What makes it interesting is that he will also contend against what he said to make it fair and you can read different points of views. These questions and answers make for overwhelmingly good reasons and objections. In this paper I will summarize and write my views on what I comprehend the author is trying to convey in his writings.

In the first article, he asks whether the existence of god is self-evident. He basically writes that God is something everything alive knows. He writes that all in nature have the notion that God exist. He also writes that as soon as people know what the term God means, God is self-evident. I do not agree with his first argument but I do agree with his next argument. He says something to the effect of a person not believing in God so that would be not self-evident. This holds more meaning with me. For example, if a boy was raised by wolves, he still is a human with human intelligence. He would not know what God is or ever existed. So it would not be self-evident even though he has human intelligence or the potential for it. There are lots of problems with his beliefs. He quotes many people from other works as proving that the existence of God is self-evident. The one thing wrong with these supports are that they were all created by man. Men are imperfect creatures. He uses these quotes in his other articles. How can a person even try to prove anything god related from a creature that isn’t even nearly perfect? In the second article, he asks whether a person can demonstrate if god exists. I agree with his first objections. In these objections, he writes that demonstrating is a part of science. God is in the realm of faith. So how can you demonstrate if God exists or not. I do not think that religion and science can co-exist logically. They will always try to prove the other side is wrong. So this is an exercise in futility. I do not agree with his other point of view. In these points, he answers that you can prove God exists by effects. This is a little confusing to me. This cannot wholly prove that god exists or even demonstrate it for that matter.

The third and last article is on if God exists. In this article, my feelings towards both points of views were valid. He writes in his first objections that if bad things exist than that means God does not exist. I agree with this because if God is good and everything from God is supposed to be good, than why is their bad things in the world. If there are bad things in the world, how could God let them happen. The simple answer to this is that he doesn’t exist. I also agree with his other point of view. He writes that there are things that move things. For example, a man moving a stick with his hand. He writes that each motion has something that causes a motion. He also states that there is something that is the very first thing that moves everything else, this is considered God. I think this is also right because what makes the universe move. There has to be something all things in the universe can point to one single starting point. I think that starting point has to be what we think is God. So in this article, I am on the fence on what to believe considering that both raise good points.

In conclusion, I leave you with this thought. As I write this, I am in a hospital. This place is a place where life and death happen every day. So it is natural for its inhabitants to wonder if God exists. I think God exists in people’s hearts differently. We can’t prove he exists in real life but he does exist in our selves, for the most part. God exists for the people that have a child born into this world or a person pulling through a dangerous operation. God does not exist to people that lost a loved one or have suffered greatly because of sickness that made them go to the hospital. So this place is a perfect place for people to make up their mind about God. As for me, i'm still up in the air with him. My family member that went through surgery survived but that doesn’t mean God is because of this good fortune. I reserve judgment because for everyone that is saved, there is another that is not. So it makes me stay in the middle while others pick sides. This, with the writings of Thomas Aquinas, help mold my understanding of God a little clearer. It is up to the person to make up their own mind about what to believe is what I truly learned from this.


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