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The Rise and Fall Poetry

Updated on July 29, 2019

"staying above water"

the terse argument one must stand on one foot alone...
the terse argument one must stand on one foot alone...

The fall of social situations

The eventual fall of a man in causal freedom is not what one adheres to in terms of feeling pressure from all sides of total freedom but is in essence a bit of love from god.Ha Ha. Real life situations that arise when people inadvertently say one may be incredulous Is cause of many gross arguments that arise openly.Some say laughter is the healer of past ailments in the warfare of social situations. Even if one takes losses lightly and judiciously makes few give mentions of credulous love from another on grounds that were met before could not only jeopardize feelings of betrayal and hurt but give the foreign thinking brain real hurt. So not to say people are unjustified in means of dishonest approval but knowing that one could have prevented such unaccustomed feelings of hurt , anger, loss in these times goes without saying laughter is good for the heart.

So no cause of persons undecided in mentioning the art of self defense in social situations gives the freak of nature as you will some ground as to say why we leave so hastily given the current advice on other seekers of good life or lifestyle.Most men do not take the advice of giving light talk on situations which can give the public or friends circle some time to deliberate what they think also. It isn’t only in situations that are terse or unbelievable which cause life to become more dysfunctional than others would perceive yours to be! So as to why grief has stricken the lower levels of social groups has not the cause of giving every person the little wave of hands as to say go away but to draw in or say gently we care about the dealings of all of your problems.No diversity in the world has given most the idea that we live as independent living “morsels”, ha ha, but we love nevertheless.

Not in the given argument that love revolves around the dear folks or cousins and aunts but we give our hearts to those that live with us on the same philosophical lines of thought.The due course of action that takes the love of all near and dear can leave the individual of new beginnings given the "acorn of ancient times", or past justifications as to why those cultures endend. So we give our love to all accustomed to what we think is real in our mind we all discover that, but do we know why we pray to give out the hatred animosity mess that is created in this world? In another words , do we discover the love of our neighbors in terms of real friendship or is god a singular existence. We stand alone.

The laughter of all that watched

Came rushing towards my first thought

Could I leave the one I desire to get more naught?

Some said I was never going the right way

Others stopped to stare if they could only say

Yes I am not so deeply interested in those ideas

The meaning isn’t lost only if I can keep it real

So nobody knew what I kept alive in my heart

Cramped in the backseat of my car, I saw what I brought

It wasn’t evil or negativity to despair

But all that could be found in the lions lair.

I could not describe what I saw.

It wasn’t mine to take along the path crudely awoken

I only knew what words were spoken

Laughter of my ancestry and never to look back

Some say love for the enemy is what I lack

God knew why I came under scrutiny beneath the skies

Now I know I wasn’t suffering from blind mutiny

Distance myself from the looks beyond my face

I felt a wave of gems flush across my face

Society left me with what I deserve

Knowing what I earn lets me see the hidden grove.



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