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Phoenix rising (poem)

Updated on November 3, 2011

Buff and polish

Shine me up

I'm bruised and broken now

Endured pain

But triumph is in sight

The warrior knows how

To rise up like a phoenix

I consulted it within

photo credit:
photo credit:

The tables will be

turned now

I took them for a spin

Victim of regret no more

Resentment swept away

Polish, shine and

buff me up

to start a

brand new day

Copyright © Journey *


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    • urgurl_bri profile image

      Brandi Swieter 5 years ago from Holland, MI

      Very nice. But every time i hear about a pheonix I think about Harry Potter now. Especially since I just read your Harry Potter movie review. :)

      My favorite part of this was the end

      "Polish, shine and

      buff me up

      to start a

      brand new day"

      I love that.