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Photographer's View, AG

Updated on July 12, 2017

Behind the lenses, I'd watch you move
your body dancing a different groove.
I'd watch you laugh and cry from where I stood,
Damn! You really do look so good.

I've got your best and illest shots
your dumb and incredible what-nots
your crying moments and bloated faces,
and also your embarrassing cases.

But today as always, you look stunning,
you walking down the aisle, smiling,
your alluring self, gracing the floor you're walking,
as you stare at me, during your own wedding.

This is probably, the closest we can ever be,
me behind the camera, where it's you I always see.
Look at me without the lenses,
As I shed all my disguise and pretenses.

Smile at me, your smile so wide,
before you become his eternal bride.

Photographer's View


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