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Phrase Density and The Content Authority

Updated on September 8, 2012

Phrase Density and The Content Authority

I would suspect anyone writing for The Content Authority (TCA) has ran into the quirk that is unique to this content site. Frankly it’s driving me nuts. Shawn, the owner and CEO of TCA to his credit does scan the web and notes people’s concerns on how his site can be improved.

Phrase density is a term used on TCA concerning how many times a phrase or word is used. Written articles will get rejected if the phase density is used over 2 % of the time. I understand how redundancy using the same word or term can make for a poorly written article but some articles actually become poorly written when a substitute word has to be used so the piece will pass the TCA checker.

A case in point. I recently wrote what I though was a pretty good article (in fact after reading what I wrote, I’m going to expand on the topic for a web site such as suite 101 or hubpages) concerning frying “fish” in “oil.” The words fish and oil came up many more times then the 2% allowed but to write an article and discuss a specific item such as fish makes the 2% rule almost unavoidable.

After having my article not passing the density checker, I racked my brains to find ways to cut the offending words or rename the words to something else. I changed fish to fillets a few times even though it wasn’t really the right term and oil to lard which is also incorrect.

This was one article I actually enjoyed writing and almost no research was needed because of the knowledge I had in this subject. What should have been a quick 15 minute time consuming article stretched out for almost a half hour as I tried to cut some of the work involving those words and replace them without the article sounding dumb downed.

In the The Content Authority FAQs when a customer requests more then a 2% word density for a keyword then the writer is told to put symbols around or in the the keywords and phrases that will cause the article to pass the checker and write a note to the editor above the article . I guess symbols such as #&@*? (That last symbol, the question mark is, in this case, an actual question) Then I suppose the editor would remove the symbols.

Here is an idea. Only have the density checker kick in when the customer specifically requests a word or phase be used a certain time. In the case above, these were not even keywords. If the articles always have to pass an editor then let him or she decide if the article reads awkward because of redundancy.

I’m wondering if this is a non-issue to most people or something that drives other people nuts also. Also does anyone have input on how their ratings were effected after the first five articles?. I’m on number three as of now. I have been concentrating on other sites but would like to stick it out on TCA to see how easily one can move up.


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    • Shawn M. profile image

      Shawn M. 7 years ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      I'm back... Phrase density is certainly on our radar... And we are going to make changes to this. I am not interested in writers have a problem writing on our site... Actually what i love to read is when ppl say... "This is the best site to write at!!!"

      What we have planned is changing the way in which density is calculated and also making it so the Client can provide a more accurate range that the density should be.

      We think in time these changes and others will make TCA the BEST writing content site out there from a Client and Writer perspective!!!

      Thanks for the hub!