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Piano By D.H Lawrence

Updated on March 4, 2016

Piano By D H Lawrence

David Hebert Lawrence (1885-1930) writes eloquently about a man tossed between the past and the present. He evokes empathy so skilfully in the reader that one is apt to imagine; was the child Lawrence himself? The situation is easily understood and emotion is quickly aroused in the reader to the extent that we can almost feel the vibrations of the piano within our very souls. His sketch of the scene is so poetically accurate that he leads us up to his experience and even helps us to be there with him.

While the speaker in the poem is a fully grown man he loves remembering his happy childhood. There is a complete sense of security as he is enveloped in his mother's closeness in the warmth and cozy atmosphere of his home. The structure of the poem keeps the reader in tune with the flow of the poem. At first we can visit with him in his home, listen to the soft music and singing, enjoy the aura of peace and clam and then the vibrancy of the music. There is then a twist showing that as an adult when he hears music it pushes him back into his childhood years; even at times when he may not want to. For this he uses two negative words 'insidious' and 'betrays'. It is almost as if he does not want to voyage back into the past, nostalgic though the memories may be. It is only at the end of the poem that he allows up to know that perhaps at some law point of depression or failure or guilt in his life, he may have felt such sorrow so as to actually weep tears. Many people have things they wish they had done differently with their parents when growing up. It is only when we are adults ourselves that we realize how hard things may have been for them. He has prepared us for this sorrow by almost setting the scene. Here sentiment is truly felt in us as Lawrence expresses simply and speaks directly. Use of first and third person add variety and shows maturity of the poet. He speaks to our hearts about a truth use all recognize and can associate with. Lawrence seems a typical twentieth century male almost resisting sensations that open up in a mother- son loving relationship.

© 2016 Malinka Kadanearachchi


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