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Picnic Fun!

Updated on December 17, 2014

Trip into merriment!

The family on wheels

Running on a pleasure trip

Bonded with togetherness,

Joy radiant in all faces!

Snuggling together,

There was room for everyone

Loaded amply with

Snacks for sharing,

And medicines for caring!

Fun and laughter

Taking them to high pitch,

The day was resplendent with

Music and dance!

One full day of nonsensical chatter

Was no match

To a whole lot of weary week!

A hell lot of understanding

Both young and past-youth folks

Comfied with one another!

The return

Though tired and worn-out

Leaves them huddled in haven,

A home, sweet home!

A trip a month

I bet

Bridges the gap

Of the rest of the estranged days!


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