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Picture This and That

Updated on April 2, 2017

Picture This

Picture yourself

Falling into a lake

On purpose

Because you wanted to drown

You didn't want to survive...

Now, picture this happening while a loved one watched you...

Pain in his eyes

Sorrow in his smile

Truth on your lips

You make a choice

Not to hide

Not to die

To remain for him and us

Us, that's what we've become

Even after our tragedies struck

No kayak would capsize

Beneath this love

No water would give in

Without first rising up

Picture That

Picture yourself

Swimming freely, deeply, with webbed feet

Touching the sand

Letting it run through your hair

Dare, to go deeper

To the depths of your soul

Find a good reason

To float onto shore

There he is

There he sits

Waiting, watching, and willing to stay,

As long as needed

As long as waves shift

Until, your body rises

To take grasp of his

Picture, afterwards

Nothing else, but the


Picture Us

Pictures of us

Few have been taken

Those captured, though

Manage to be stellar

Like the moon

When she sees us

Looking up at her

Making wishes

Planning dates

Loving long

Years await, us

May that be,

All we need

Let the damned thing work


Pictures of us

For ages to come


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