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Picture on the currency -- a short story

Updated on June 20, 2013
Nathu Ram Vinayak Godse
Nathu Ram Vinayak Godse | Source


I have no offense to Mahatma Gandhi nor do I claim that this is a true story.

There are many story like this one but I haven't stolen from them.

Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi

Today, we have done it. They have left our country alone. Today is 15 th August 1947, the day of independence for my motherland. My country is free at last. Despite my disagreement, his method has worked at last. My countrymen triumph over there enemies. The country is at the verge of a great change. The great land is free of evil taint of those white intruders. Our people can breathe in the free air without the stink of slavery and discrimination

True, Gandhi’s method has succeeded but even now I don’t approve of them. He wanted peaceful movement whereas I was in the favor of armed movement against those uncivilized foreign brutes. I stated my view in front of my colleagues (including Gandhi) that we should take or snatch our freedom from white’s hands with fore instead of begging for it with them. But… do you know what? They laughed at me! Yes they laughed at my face. They shook their head with artificial humorous pity for me and my so called naive ness. They even called me an uneducated fool without the knowledge of politics, philosophy and strategy.

Yes, I was uneducated. I chose to stay at my own homeland and study my own people instead of them who wandered in foreign strand by licking the firangi’s feet to get so called education. They have received education from there which teaches them about politics, philosophy and strategy. But I have education about poverty, slavery, pain and misery of my own people. I know about the cruel politics that East India Co. played with my people to create religion violence between them as Hindus and Islam. I know the philosophy they spread in my country to discriminate for caste . I know the strategy that my own country men are playing to break the great national unity.

Today I hear praise about Gandhi. I hear how he defeated the Foreigner. Yes he chased away the cruel intruders. But is he really the right person for all these praises? What about the hundred of normal farmer who wore bullet in their chest? What about poor wives who bade farewell to their husband who knows their “sindur” was going to be washed away?

“You should have followed Gandhi, son “ My own Father said in morning while sitting in his rocking chair reading Today’s newspaper.

I see the Mohan Das as the headline of the news. Why do they picture him with those clothes he just wore before the movement? Why don’t they publish his picture wearing English suit, tie made of silk which was taken when he was student at oxford. Why don’t they publish his picture in dinner party in London.

My father now always frequently says,”Gandhi, is truly a mahatma” have you read his biography ? Please tell me I am illiterate you know.”

Yes, now Mohan Chand Gandhi is Mahatma Gandhi.

No! No! No! No! No! What am I Hearing? No! No! No!

It can’t be! It shouldn’t be! No!

I heard ….I heard that my country is divided! I hear that it has been broken into pieces! Nooo!

I will have my revenge! I will destroy them who have cause d this. I will kill them! I will kill every one of them! I will kill all of them.

But then what will it bring my country’s unity back.

NO! But then also I should kill. I will kill only one person. The main one who was responsible for this.

I will kill Gandhi!

Yes, he’s the leader. He must be killed. I will have my revenge.

I know I will be despised through out the history . I will be villain. I will be considered no better than those Anglos, But I will have to kill him.

Gandhi’s name will be written in golden letter. I heard that new currency will have his picture. He will be the greatest national heroes and I will be the villain.

I pray to all gods that may they forgive this great sin. But I will do will do it for my country. in my hand is the gun forged by they Englishmen .I will do what they had Failed to do .

“Today! I will kill Gandhi.”


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