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Piling Up Your Work Deprives You The Confidence To Publish Your Work

Updated on December 26, 2013

Piling up Projects

Feelings of having so much to do can even make you experience a writer’s block or completely lose interest in the writing process. You do not feel confident enough to publish your works. Pilling up your work makes you feel that there are always work to do.

When you pile up work that needs to be done (writing and publishing projects), it makes the work seem so huge and the task of even developing them for publishing becomes daunting. The idea of having a lot of work to do, not to talk of reading through the boring old drafts again discourages you. You may feel not only bored to work on the old accumulated drafts but also lazy to develop your content and publish them.

The more you advance in thought, the more evident errors in your old ideas become. Most of these subtle or minor errors the reader may not even be able to notice because they (readers) may not be as well-informed about the topic as you are. Being aware of these errors as a professional writer can discourage you from publishing your contents. You feel that readers may notice them too and be put-off.

Write and Publish an article at a time- Have enough time for your current projects.

1. You should therefore make it your habit of publishing your ideas as often as possible.

When you publish your ideas as you write them, it helps to ease your conscience and relieves you of the stress of having so much to do.

In fact, knowing what you have done (published works) is much of encouragement to writing and publishing more.

2. Stick to current work; develop it well and publish before moving on to another project or article

You should always try as much as possible to chew well the food in your mouth before swallowing or before taking another bite. Write and publish one article at a time.

When you stick to developing one content at a time, you will be able to develop your ideas well and have confidence in both your current and subsequent articles. Working on an idea thoroughly gives you the confidence to publish your content. Having enough time on one project or article - to work on them thoroughly-will give you the confidence to publish.

When you skip or move on to another project whiles the current one has not been completed or well developed, you may lose interest or the inspiration in the current work. As the new interesting ideas occur to you, you may find it boring to go back and work on the unfinished drafts.

Skipping from your current project to work on another could confuse you and deprive you the confidence to publish your current contents as you always feel that they are not complete yet to go online. If you do not give your content enough time to work on them, you would always feel that the content is incomplete hence not ready to go publishing.

However, you must be tactical about this, as you do not want to hold on to your ideas long enough that they become boring to work with. Working on them too long than necessary or holding onto them so longer than enough can also make you feel less confident in publishing the ideas as they would then become boring and you would get too familiar with the ideas and not able to rectify errors correctly.

When you hold onto the ideas much longer, you may end up discovering more advance ideas that would make you feel less confident about the previously developed contents. That they become so boring and you feel less confident about them. You would feel less confident in sharing them or publishing them.

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