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Pipe Dreams

Updated on November 24, 2009


Pipe dreams ©-MFB III

long curly
shoulder length
auburn golden hair
gleaming...a massive
windblown mane untamed
Mary U. Wanna
has got me
laid back in tall grass
sister of the hemp
she is weaving daisy chains
in my tangled doo
smoke curls
in concretic circles
from my nose framing tiny
pictures in the three
ring circuits they create
the accoustic guitar releases
long strings of freshly
pressed chords that
exit the sound whole
enhanced to the level
of a symphony
by the THC plus me
I harmonize with the love
that gleams in her
grey green eyes
as she's mesmerized by
the lyrics that rise
in a tenor reprise
the ice tea
is tannen my hide
with a lemony concentrate
that explodes
in sugary thick bursts
over my taste buds
a cigarette burns
orange pekoe coals
a demon's eye that
when drawn closer
and imbibed
intensifies the
summer buzz of bees
and cricketts humming
it perches on the end
of my gitfiddle..... ~~~~~~~
stuck between a peg /
and a stretch of string wound
in coiled steel
ending in a curly que
I decide not to fret it
and laid down the
fingertips still smartin
to catch some clouds
and a long wet kiss
that draws bliss
from my pores
her hair drapes
like cornsilk
over my face
a dark shadow falls
as she bends
and the shade is
scented like lilacs
tickling my urges
soon beaded curtains will part
and lips too will
be parted times six
and the music
of flesh will be syncopated
into a masterpiece of
pipe dreams that were
and always will be
in the residue of my mind.


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