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Pitch Points Pointed Out

Updated on October 12, 2015



Getting Started

Where is the Pitch Point?

Say you are plotting out your novel and want to add pitch points. Well...

A pitch point shows that the midpoint will be coming soon or that the midpoint is officially over. I will go over the midpoint in another article.

In other cases, pitch points can be used more then two times.

Pitch Point

This is the time in the story where the hero has gained an extra goal and must choose to do something to progress the novel.


The main character wants to play a video game. He has many video games but he sees an expansion pack for his favorite game. Buying the new expansion pack would lead to a pitch point. His game is now changed for him when he decides to play it.

Example two:

Cinderella- I am going to say that that story starts with the move in of the new mother. The pitch is when Cinderella reacts differently to what is going on around her. She decides to go to the ball.

Why is it this moment and not the moment when she got the letter? The letter is something that could have been sent at any time. There could have been other balls. It is this one ball that Cinderella choices to do something about in the story.

The Pitch Has Movement

In the examples gave the first one has a guy getting a video game and the second has Cinderella wanting to go to the ball.

Example 1:

If the boy had not bought the new expansion to the game the pitch point would not have happened. The pitch point allows the guy to do something new that he had not expected while playing however he will have to do something to get to the pitch point.

He has decided to change his game. He does not have to give up his first goal but he has now added a new goal and is at least thinking about actively playing the new part of the game which is his new goal.

Example two:


She is thinking about going to the ball. In her mind, she has decided to make a move to change.

This change does not need to happen. I am sure Cinderella would find a happy life, eventually. But, this is the point when she reacts to what is go around her. She does something other then watch her sisters go to the ball.

In the Disney, version she decides not only to go to the ball but to make herself a dress. This is her decision and her dress.

What about the fairy in Cinderella? What about that dress?

I think of the fairy as a device to introduce the midpoint.

Second Pitch Point

The second pitch point is again about the main character's choice which makes even more movement.

Example 1:

Video gamer-

The game expansion pack can be deleted or left in to keep playing the game. This will be the guy's decision as he already has what he wanted initially.

Example 2:


The decision to keep the magical shoe or whatever is still left of magical items. No one told her to keep the item. For that matter, the item existing after the ball is a something that should not have happened.

This part of the story notes something unexpected. It is not like the first pitch point. The second pitch point has readers or viewers of the story asking a lot of questions about the story to come. A new goal has changed the story.

Will the video gamer delete or keep the game? Will Cinderella do something about the glitch in the fairy's magic?


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