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Pitter, Patter

Updated on July 7, 2014

Pitter, patter

On the floor

Next, it's knocking on my door.

Pitter, patter

Open up

Time for uncle to get up.

Pitter, patter

Down the steps

Time to make some breakfast.

Pitter, patter

To sit down

Maybe pray, or just chow now.

Pitter, patter

Cleaning up

Little ones are such big help.

Pitter, patter

Read a book

Princess, Cars, or Disney book.

Pitter, patter

Time for baths

Readying for the day at last.

Pitter, patter

To the school

Learning lots, 'cause school is cool.

Pitter, patter

To the park

They clench my fingers to the car.

Pitter, patter

School is out

Time for snacks and playing loud.

Pitter, patter

Back inside

For a book and dinner time.

Pitter, patter

To feed the dog

Jump all over and give it hugs.

Pitter, patter

To their room

For good nights and short cartoons.

Pittering, pattering

The very next day....

I will NEVER forget those days.

- Brandon Jared Martin © 2013


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