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Plastic Castaways.

Updated on January 23, 2010


Plastic castaways!    

They are quite simply

orphans left by fame,
to a dangerous childlike

wonder uncontrolled,
still dreaming of forever in
this glittered never land,
each cast off on this

boulevard of prints,
where shoe sizes that

wannabees step in,
make none a

cinderella, only whores,
who wander over

all the sacred squares,
where handprints point

to ways they cannot find.
lip gloss and dangling

cigarettes are fused,
to mouths that mumble

promises of bliss,
mini skirts that barely

cover mounds abused,
on the casting couch

of back seat chevrolets,
virginity the only

prize they held,
they came to flirt with

Hollywood and wooed,
the sleazy side of

tinsel town and lost,
the one door that would

save them all from shame,
which sham men slammed

on thier flesh oh, so hard
these glamour sluts

who strut the boulevard,
some pregnant from the

piercings that they bore,
between the blackouts f

rom the drugs they use,
to help forget the

world they occupy,
they chew on bubble

gum to hide the taste,
of all the men they

blew off for a dime,
or a nickels worth

of rush to kill the slow,
of days just being

Barbie on the strip,
or stripping for the

tips that pay the way,
to fairie dust they

lace into their viens,
in wonderland

these Alices all find,
the rabbit died,

the queen's a man in drag,
who'll take your head off

if you fail to pay,
in pounds of flesh for

all the highs he grants,
down in the back alleys

that line the road,
where baby girls

so often come to be,
Adult stars in the

haze of sordid dreams,
they chew off their

nail poilsh as they wait,
on dimly lit street

corners for a date,
not with their fame or

fortune, but with fate,
that leaves them used up

in ten years, when they
live out their lives in

trailers with no credits,
cast in the roles

of abject poverty,
in stories no one ever

thought were real,
until reality gave

them the parts.






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