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Platinum Dragons- Screenplay

Updated on August 23, 2015

The story of a couple that met at infancy and through a bond that started at conception had the two naturally connecting and yet never truly together.

The story of the two lovers grows as the power of each other's polar distinctions grow further apart to meet together.

The daughter of a stubborn and eccentric seamstress and the son of happy go lucky physics teacher has the two always trying to become like the other in a race for affection.

Renting an apartment in Brooklyn and having almost no sunlight and especially no money getting ready for their first semester and what the other students will think or say about seeing the two's chemically charged relationship will most definitely get them no friends, but that fear doesnt keep them from trying.

Silent moments happen when the other joins a conversation because they say with their eyes, are they really worthy of you talking to them.

Not being able to fit in together they split up the night and day enjoy themselves.

Sasha finds working at a retirement home fitting yet nothing fills her day more than listening to dreary stories and never getting to tell her own. Roman is at his prime when getting wasted with egocentric fresh MBA grads who never come with him when he photographs what he views is the real city.

Knowing eachother so well gives them power but they have both kept secrets to keep their significant other from knowing who the other was to the rest of the world.

Something so simple and common knowledge to anyone

This lightening finally striking a formidable cave ending.


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