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Play Production Help

Updated on March 19, 2019
Come Check out I love you your perfect now Change at Migration Hall this weekend  Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm
Come Check out I love you your perfect now Change at Migration Hall this weekend Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2pm

Play productions 101 ( I love you your perfect now change)

Everyone has been to a theatrical production or what most call a play at least once, haven't they? Yes, whether it’s been with your family friends, or with school. The hours of practice feel limitless but once it is over and it's time for the performance its well worth it. But have you ever helped out with a play production? there are limitless hours that are needed to set up and figure out where to stand not just the acting. Have you been a part of the play production and acted in it? These are the things that most people don’t think about, right they just go and see the play. Or they are forced to go to the play, with their friends and family. What if you are one of the actors in the production, what is your job? Do you help with the set, do you buy tickets for the show? Most of you are probably thinking well No I am acting in it, I just have to make sure my lines are memorized and that I attend my rehearsals, everything will be set up for me when I get there. There is a crew for play productions who builds and puts up the set to make the place where the play is being performed look real. The crew that is involved in a play feels like they are working limitlessly in order for the play to move smoothly. But it looks limitlessly perfect according to the audience.

How much work is involved in a play production you might ask? Well besides the hours it takes to build the set, and the actor's practices, before it is built there is a lot more involved. The crew does not just build the set and take it down when the play production is over. Although set tear down is a lot quicker than the build. Why is that? People ask, well depending on how you are putting on the play there might be more involved. For example, I am involved in a production right now at Migration Hall in Kingsville Ontario, the production is called, “I love you your perfect now change”.

This production is not my first production that I have been involved in. I have been involved in every production since I was fourteen that was held at Migration Hall, the point being. This production that I am in now, I am doing something that I have never done before. I have always been a part of the front house, handing out programs for the production to the patrons, setting up tables, and chairs, working concessions and cleaning up. For “I love you your perfect now change” I am involved in backstage help, this is the first time I have ever done this type of production help.

Although this production is community theater, not professional theater it is still the same thing. In the sense of setting and the setup and take down. There is a lot of work involved. The work includes, showing up early to make sure that programs are stuffed if need be, tables are set up properly, coffee, tea and desserts are set up if they are offered, and the concession stand is all set up and ready to go. This takes about an hour to two hours to set up before each production, if not done the night before.

Play production help

Have you ever been involved in a play?

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Stage Crew of a Play Production

The people who help with the stage, behind the scenes, or even with concessions put a lot of time and effort into it. They or at least some of them are stage crew members. Why do they do this, well it’s because they love doing it? I love helping out with productions because I get to get out of my house and see people. There is a lot of work involved in helping with shows, no matter where you are, I am helping on stage with this production and the amount of movement that goes on to change the sets, is nuts, I knew it was a lot of work because I have seen it before but being a part of it first hand is crazy the limitless motion or so it feels like, is so fast but also a lot of fun.

I have never actually been an actor in a production but I love helping out with them. Most people that come and see the shows don’t know how much work is involved not only by the actors but everyone else that is involved. When I tell people that I volunteer to help with productions some people will ask me why, and I just smile and say because I love being behind the scenes and helping out where I am needed. People will sometimes ask me why I don’t act, and my response is I don’t want to be seen that, much but maybe one day I will act in a production.

Being part of a production doesn’t mean that you have to act in it. People are needed to as I said, sell refreshments, hand out programs and seat people. There is limitless work involved in before the show even starts. So the next time you go to a production anywhere, why not think about how much work it is to actually put the production on, and how many people are involved. It is not just the actors it’s the people helping with the stage behind the scenes, and everything else in between, so don’t forget that when you see your next production. Sure going to see them is nice, and acting in them is cool, but why not try to help out too, if you don’t get into a show helping out will benefit you and the people watching the show. Production help is a great way to meet people and volunteer in your community, so the next time something comes up in your community like community theater get involved don’t hesitate there is always something for everyone to do, you just need to ask the right people.

I enjoy the volunteering aspect of “I love you your perfect now change” because I have volunteered at productions before but not behind the scenes, or as a stage ninja as they like to call us. It is fun and cool to see all the work that is involved. If you always just go to shows and don’t see everything else in between you never, know how much work is involved and that is where volunteers come in. volunteers are a necessity for any production, whether you are doing one thing or a number of things like the stage ninjas do, so the next time your community is having a production but you don’t want to try out for the cast, but still want to be involved, why not give volunteering for the production a try, you will be surprised at how fulfilling it is.

The production is going on in Kingsville Ontario for the next week, shows are Friday and Saturday Night at 8 pm and then again on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. So why not come and check it out, if you are in this area.

The World is a Stage now act the part
The World is a Stage now act the part

Helping with a play can be limitless

Helping with a play can be limitless, with the time and energy that everyone puts into it. It can feel like it is going on forever, when in the end it goes smoothly and everyone enjoys it, the people volunteering for it and the patrons watching it.

Have you ever volunteered to help with a play production? Let's Discuss

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