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Playing with fire

Updated on September 18, 2012

The burning fire must one day end.

My life is like a ticking bomb,
Once it explodes the end will come for me,
Its one without a clock
So this world is like a stone of ice,
It melts slowly and absorbs all the truth along the way,
See though I know I’m burning myself,
I see a bit of light
And its like I’m looking at him right in front of me
Each day I walk so alone and cold
But each day I also feel
It is the gentleness I love yet, fear. His warm hands grab a hold
Of my heart of my soul
Though I am not sure where this path will lead
It is when I am with him I am freed
Sitting in a cold stale room
I remember the past of pain and gloom
Yet when I hear his voice near
Does he trust me I am not sure,
Its best he didn’t in the end,
I got a lot of secrets to defend,
There was a time when I was hurt
And it made me turn so dark inside
And this part of me I hide
My emotions are deep
Yet I can still love
But the distance seems to make me dream
And when I awake thoughts let me know it isn’t what it seems
I am scared and alone
There are secrets you may one day know
Standing on the street sounds good
How bout just a few hrs in the dark
With a lot of strangers there to prepare
A way for you to move on with your life
Telling yourself just for a bit
Then no more.
Or what about taking when it is wrong
Its like a broken headed girl lost her way and has no song
So she figures what the hell
It isn’t really hurting no one its helping someone who needs it more
Well right now this page only makes sense to her
But her love her second half
She wants him to know she loves him so
And if she could make it all go away she would but she cant
She’s helpless and almost dead
She wishes he’d come rescue her
But he cant she’s mad
Yet sad
Yet somehow glad cause if he were here he’d see
Things maybe aren’t how he dreamed they’d be
She’s rough and a lil tough
Ok now I end this I bet you don’t get
What is I needed to say
But that’s ok ill save it for another day


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