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Pleasantly Going Backwards In A Forward Society: CHAPTER 1: The Decision

Updated on July 24, 2015

Getting started: clearing a place

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Our beautiful wooded paradise.The kids on the property in March....In Alabama!!Getting started: clearing a place for us.
Our beautiful wooded paradise.
Our beautiful wooded paradise.
The kids on the property in March....In Alabama!!
The kids on the property in March....In Alabama!!
Getting started: clearing a place for us.
Getting started: clearing a place for us.

Pleasantly Going Backwards In A Forward Society


My New 3 Favorite Words: IT’S PAID FOR!

An ongoing essay of truths, mishaps and growing experiences by Sarah Jackson


A bit dramatic…it was more like we awoke one day and said, “You know, Hon, we’ve been in this little house in the middle of suburbia for 12 years now and what are we going to do with the rest of our days?...” It was clear. Move to the country. My husband and I both grew up in “the country” and we have missed it for so long. This same morning, over my second cup of coffee I realize with a sigh of relief that we have made this decision while our children are still young enough to be fascinated by a cocoon, groan over a chore list and still have fantastic birthday parties. In other words, they are still kids. Time is ticking, though, and the Life-Change Fairy doesn’t visit overnight.

Our first step is land. We need some. Great land. Trees and grass and rocks and blue skies…. Maybe even a creek. I admit we have pored over the Mule Trader (our town’s local paper where people advertise everything from free puppies that are half dalmation half Chihuahua (someone please come get these dogs!) to property for sale). Let me just say that EVERY town should have a Mule Trader. It rocks. No luck there. Finally, after months of mulling this over, my husband's parents approach us with an offer: a beautiful spot on 11 wooded acres that they own…and in the same quaint town where the kids already go to school.

Now many of you do not have the blessing that is a wonderful family. Many of you do. I am blessed to have in–laws that love me and support me, and I they. We are a tough and fun group; we shoot from the hip. We are all hard working and earnest. I will get into the importance of family and community later. Suffice it to say that this offer solved two problems right away: we have land and we have no mortgage on it!! We’re ahead of the game!

Land, check. Next item on the list; a house. Now, we have a certain amount of money that we have set aside for the sole purpose of changing our lives, and thus we arrive at this conclusion: we will shop around and buy a gently used manufactured home (yes, say it, trailer. Double-wide.) and pay cash. We will then move said home to the property and live in bliss with nature. This is an awesome thought until I stand in the thousandth trailer (I’d found for sale in the Mule Trader) and “knew” it was the one. No more false alarms. No more having Babe dash over to see some double wide an hour away…I had found our future home. A 28x70 DW with four bedrooms and two baths, a nice, open floor plan and more potential than the Peach Queen at the Homecoming Dance. Babe’s approval and $3,500.00 later, we have a home. Technically.


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