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Please Make This Emotional Game Stop

Updated on May 1, 2012

A long sigh to add to the frustration that lingers in the air.

A head bow, fingers placed on the head just to touch the hair.

The panting of the heart with the overflow of water rushing through the flood gates of the eyes.

Another mark to add to the list of different reasons to cry.

The heart is so delicate but yet so strong.

It beats through every moment of despair, not knowing that because of it, the pain will prolong.

From the head to the heart, from the heart to the head.

There is noting more that I want to hear. There is nothing more to be said.

Meaningless equations ponders in my mind.

The more I try to solve them the more I run out of time.

Tic toc, toc tic, tic toc.

Please make this emotional game stop.

My emotions, an impossible bomb to diffuse.

I should have been paying attention to all of the clues.

Lessons never learned but remembered in a glance.

Wondering if happiness is in my design and if I will ever have the opportunity to give it a chance.


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    • the gentleman profile image

      the gentleman 5 years ago from Saint Louis Missouri

      Very nice poem...from a very nice heart