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Plucked By God.

Updated on November 20, 2009

Plucked by God. ©-MFB III

I once ran
through a huge field
filled with wild daisies,
caught up in thier vast beauty.
Then laughing hysterically
I deliberately fell face first
into a huge mound of them,
savoring their sweet aroma
and the tickle of their
petals on my face,
it was then that I dared God
to just pull free
my two winter whitened legs,
and lift them skyward
across the yellow dot of the sun,
for a brief heated rush,
as he shouted out loudly,
"He loves me not, he loves me,"

Why else would such lovely extravagances
much like this field, be wasted on selfish man.

Much later I pedaled home
on a bright yellow bike,
my legs still intact of course,
with a smile stretching
in a huge bend heavenward.


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