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Poem: 5:45 of the Morning Clock

Updated on June 5, 2013

Five Forty Five

It's five fortyfive of the morning clock,

I'm falling into old clothes now ad hoc.

It's far too early why the hell am I up?

isn't the fact I'm awake enough?

I shake off resentment and shuffle down stairs,

holding off the days' worth of woes and cares.

The kettle boils as the mugs sit calm,

Gathering the breakfast things I balance'em on me arm.

The coffee steam rises under my nose,

sending a tingle from my head to my toes.

Two sips snuck as I'm creeping past doors,

A mouthful of toast leaves me hungry for more.

In I tip-toe and I'm looking to the bed,

where the love of my life lifts a sleep tussled head.

The smile that I get flicks that switch deep inside,

that turns on my happiness and takes me up high.

I'd make a million breakfasts in the cold mist of morning,

if met by that bright smile in day's early dawning.

Essential 5:45am survival gear


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    • Dan Barfield profile image

      Dan Barfield 5 years ago from Gloucestershire, England, UK

      Thanks for the comment :) ... And yes I really was up at that time... By choice.

    • Irell VL profile image

      Irell VL 5 years ago

      Your peom really paints a picture. I like that about poems. I really enjoyed this one. Great work.