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Poem: "A Robot for Sale"

Updated on November 6, 2011

There was once a little robot for sale.
It doesn’t get out much because it is shy,
Not being exposed, it is a bit pale.
But it has potential to be a great buy.

Call it robot or call it by your own name.
It is something quite unique.
At chess, it is bound to win the game.
Let me know if this is what you seek.

This robot is great for doing chores.
Washing dishes, it does it great.
Let the robot do the tasks that makes you bored.
Play chess and you will likely hear checkmate.

Robots don't have much personality.
Do not think of it as a companion.
Get a dog or cat if you are lonely,
Get this robot if you want a chess champion.

There is something I must confess,
It won't quite understand your jokes.
Although it is very good at chess,
you will not see it doing breaststrokes.

Going once, going twice.
Anyone ready to buy?
What more I can do to entice?
This robot is a really good guy.

About the Poem

This is just a poem. It is a work of fiction, of creative writing. There is no robot for sale and I do not have a robot. Any similarity to real events or robots are purely coincidental.

This robot poem was based on (but different from) a previous poem that I had written in the past. This poem is for the HubPages November 2011 HubPatron of the Arts Contest.

In my first poem for the contest, I had written a poem about "National Chores Day" where the structure is constructed of paragraphs of two lines each with both lines rhyming. In this second poem, I used a different structure. The paragraphs are four lines each, and the alternating lines rhyme. I must admit that the second pattern is much more difficult to construct.

This robot poem started out with only eight lines, and had not much meaning other than some random rhymes. Thinking it to be too short, I added some extra lines and attempted to add some meaning to the poem.

Somehow in the second and third paragraph, I ended up talking about chess. So I decided to make the following paragraphs about chess as well. Perhaps that can be the theme of the poem. But unfortunately I was not able to make all the paragraphs be about chess.

Writing poems can be fun and a great exercise for the mind. It seems fitting that the first poem for the contest was about "National Chores Day" and this second poem is about a robot for sale that can help you with your chores as well as play a great game of chess that the robot almost always wins.

As in my first poem, I used the help of as well as Microsoft Word for counting the words in this poem and article. I'm using Microsoft Word in order to count the words, because I wanted the article to be over 500 words in order to qualify for the HubPages contest. And it looks like with this last sentence has just made the 500 word mark.


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