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Poem - A for Abandoned

Updated on March 12, 2017
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I have been writing intermittently for over 10 years. And I continue to write poems, stories, etc., because it is always fun to write.

A for Abandoned

How quickly can they forget?
How cruelly can life change?
You can only trust just you,
As people can change so fast,
Faster than you can imagine,
And leave you broken into two.

So many things they can say,
You are a part of their team,
funny, loved and much admired,
Then watch them forget it all,
And then listen when they say,
You are just no longer required.

I will never ever forget,
The coldness of their stares,
The lifelessness in their eyes,
And how easily they looked away,
As if they never knew me before,
Why did I believe all their lies?

They made so many promises,
Friendship, joy, strength and,
No walls around their hearts,
But that was a long time ago,
And now they are busy chasing,
Power, greed and shopping carts.

Votes are all that matter,
To politicians so keep in mind,
They'll say anything in any way,
Whether you are alive or dead,
Is not their concern as long as,
You come to vote on election day.

I laboured under a sad belief,
The best gift you can give someone,
Is to be their good, true friend,
But I never knew that they didn't,
Care about trust, warmth, support,
Or any tales about loyalty till the end.

Only the truth is now left to say,
Only eight lines to know today -

Now my mind has crash-landed,
For my wishes weren't granted,
In a world with just four letters,
Sadly I have been left stranded.

A for Abandoned, B for Betrayed,
C for Confused, D for Destroyed.
D for Destroyed, C for Confused,
B for Betrayed, A for Abandoned.

What did you think about the poem - A for Abandoned?

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    • mastergreen profile image

      mastergreen 2 years ago

      Thank you very much for your comments. God bless you both too.

    • word55 profile image

      Word 2 years ago from Chicago

      Good poem about a bad and sad story. However, it is ok to express how situations are. We go through the ordeals to make us better people in the long run. May God continue to bless you.

    • Missy Smith profile image

      Missy Smith 2 years ago from Florida

      I thought this poem was so brutally honest, but beautiful because of that. It has become such torture here in lots of ways. Simple just doesn't exist anymore does it... Even when it comes to family and friendship. It seems we have to show some kind of trophy to be accepted. It's sad. It's really sad. Great poem!