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Poem - A Song

Updated on January 9, 2017

I sing a song when I am alone, a song without lyrics, a song which has no soul,

I don't have paper & pen to write the rhythm I have in my heart,

I am so lost, cause my soul is missing somewhere inside me,

And I need to search my words to combine the whole,

I sing a song when I am alone...

The pain inside me is the pain around me,

Let me find some love, let me get some smile,

Let me be with you to take the pain away and throw aside,

Wish I could wipe the tears and remove the throbbing groan,

I sing a song when I am alone....

Why can't I make it when I am so near to the moon,

I need to clear my mind and make it calm,

Make myself free from the sorrows I got,

And I need to stitch the wound to fill the big hole,

I sing a song when I am alone.....

Your life is a paper, your mind is a pen,

Your virtues are the rhythm and the result is the lyrics,

And the soul which is missing all around is the happiness,

I got the fact, I got my song, the song which I sing when I am alone,

I sing a song when I am alone, will sing soon with the world along.


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