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Poem About Bullying

Updated on June 20, 2012

My inspiration

This was a poem I wrote when thinking about different view points. Everybody knows a bully. But do we really know them?

Poem About Bullying

Oh the overwhelming urge to escape

The flying fists,
Twisted wrists...
You get the gist

What's it like to be bullied?

Awful. Never ending
Constantly defending

The shouts
The screams
...Oh God, the names...
But then, what's life but fun and games?

It's all a game

But here, I feel safe

No, not safe. But fear is swallowed.
I make rules,
Make sure they're followed

Here at school
I'm God

My fists declare it
Weak kids wear it
Does it frustrate me
That teachers hate me?

Who's the bully?

Who's the victim?

Sometimes I have barely eaten
Due to pain from being beaten

I'm the worst mistake my parents ever made

Of course it's wrong
Known all along

But does that stop me being the last person you'd want to send your child to school with?

That's why still
I get my thrill
From being the reason kids phone in ill


Take a break from morbidity and lighten up.

This poem is a light, snappy piece about alien abduction


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