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Poem About Insects

Updated on June 21, 2012

Poem about insects

I shrunk today
To my dismay

I ended up outside

I looked around
Then heard a sound

And ran away to hide

The grass was tall
And I was small

It towered o'er my head

I tried to shout
I hopped about

And wished I were in bed

That's when I heard...
Was it a bird?

No, wait - it was a cricket

Just by the tree
As tall as me

And moving t'ward my thicket

I turned and raced
But I now faced

A slightly larger issue

A spiders net
My pants were wet

I wished I had a tissue

So there I clung
Or rather hung

For I was stuck as such

I flipped and flapped
So firmly trapped

Did spiders eat so much?

And as I saw
The spiders claw

Or leg, I filled with fear

I screamed in fright
And tried to bite

But still the leg came near

I faced the air
In desperate prayer

And held my only breath...

To see a fly
Just passing by

Distract me from my death

It hit the net
With speed of jet

And took the spiders gaze

And in that mo'
My size did grow

It left me in a daze


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    • profile image

      Ghost32 5 years ago

      Bet you appreciate flies, now that one saved your life by volunteering to be the spider's first lunch of the day.

      One night last summer,I watched (by flashlight) a spider trap a fly and suck it dry. When the deed was done, the remaining fly-husk was shrunken, imploded, down to a bit of nothing.

      One more spider observation: By flashlight, their multitude of teeny eyes can really shine right back at you quite impressively.

      Voted Up and Interesting.