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Inspirational Poem | Is This Life?

Updated on January 1, 2016

Life is beautiful;

That is what wise men used to say.

Despite the uncertainty that it brings,

A glimpse of hope is still always there each day.

Life is a beautiful scenery.
Life is a beautiful scenery. | Source

But sometimes, I often wonder;

How is life treating me?

If it is true that it is in the absurdity

that we find our life's meaning;

Hope soon in this journey,

I will be able to uncover pieces of it.

Fly as free as the butterfly
Fly as free as the butterfly | Source

I believe in that greater reality.

That is why, though life is quite harsh upon me;

I need not worry that much,

Because I know that life is still beautiful;

Albeit, broken dreams and seeing things happened unlikely the way I wanted it to be.

Travel light in this journey called life
Travel light in this journey called life | Source

Is this life?

Perhaps, I may say;

And facing it bravely is the best thing,

That could ever turn my life to be.

Copyright 2014. Jocelyn Pagaran Cadiz-Oclarit. All Rights Reserved

The promise of a new day never fails!
The promise of a new day never fails! | Source

About This Poem

This poem is about viewing life in a different way which is optimistically oriented. Knowing how difficult life is; it is best to broaden one's horizon and dwell on the brighter side. I wrote this one way back in my adolescent years; wherein like a typical teenager, I have been experiencing storms and stresses. But still, I was convinced that life is indeed beautiful!

It is a beautiful world. Do not miss it!


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