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Poem About Time

Updated on May 27, 2012



Floating away on paper wings

Brought on by such awful things

As personal drive for success

I limit myself by challenging

Is it worth the happiness

I forfeit for this bland existence?

Moving myself ever forward,

Yet never existing as more than a word


This is a poem I composed in my head while driving home late at night after my Theory of Knowledge class, actually on the same night that I composed 'Cold' I believe. I was thinking about how by taking a lot of extracurricular activities, such as the extracurricular class I had just gotten out of, I was limiting my social life because I always had to be somewhere and do something, and I could never just go hang out with friends. Thus the paper wings on which time flies away are brought on by my drive for success, by my constant need to challenge myself and participate in Mock Trial and Academic Decathlon and other extracurricular activities all at once, all while taking IB and AP classes. It was basically about the life I forfeit to live as an over-achieving academic.


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