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A Poem About What it is to be Alive

Updated on November 2, 2010

Primal Eyes See the World

So we awake,

Like a sponge

Primal eyes see the world

As a puzzle laid down;

In atoms and electrons,

Thoughts and feelings.

Encompassing our mind

With notions of relativity,

We expand our map

Of the universe and time.

Decoded through science,

Cataloged in books,

Taught in schools,

Learned, but never understood.

Our logic gives us-

Cause and result

But our fate,

Seems beyond our control.

It is our nature to wonder,

And to explain,

To create a pile of rock,

So we are never forgot.

It is our instinct to question

How is it that we exist here on earth?

Why is it that one man kills another?

What is it to be human?

And so we die,

Nothing more than what we leave.


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