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Poem: All this time

Updated on June 12, 2015

Sometimes we have to learn how to love ourselves in order to be truly happy.

All this time I never knew

How good I'd be without you

I loved you so much you broke my heart

I think you played me right from the start

But now you're gone and it's alright

So now I don't have to fight tonight

My baby I know you miss me

But together forever will never be

You choose her and that's all it took

My life I've given a good look

Better off is what I am now

I stayed with you I don't know how

The kids we have we'll always share

I hope for them you will be there

You really messed up I hope you know

That's why why when you asked I wouldn't go

Always remember how hood I was

How I loved you just because

Maybe one day it will change

I know you think it sounds strange

My baby my sweetheart I still love you

I deserve better you know it's true

Just remember the next time you're in love

A really good woman is sent from above

copyright 2012

Rachelle's Poems: All this time I never knew

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