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Poem: Betrayal

Updated on December 24, 2012

The big lie,

kept within a tight knit bond of solidarity.

The truth must never be spoken

or the control might be broken.

Desensitizing a human soul,

altering the remaining fragments

that were once whole.

A once vibrant being,

is now a diminished shadow,

a heart ripped apart and bleeding.

Why the hate ran so deep,

Why was revenge made so sweet?

The truth will never ever be shared.

The damage done has left an innocent impaired.

Copyright 2012, Robin Grosswirth


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  • MarleneB profile image

    Marlene Bertrand 

    3 years ago from USA

    Beautiful poem with a sad message. The absolute biggest lie in the world is the lie that stems from betrayal. It's hard to get over that.

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    3 years ago from New York

    Shyron E. Shenko Thanks for taking the time to read this piece. Glad it resonated with you.

    kennethavery Thanks for all the great praises. I began my memoir, but have experience too much pain to presently write any more.

  • kenneth avery profile image

    Kenneth Avery 

    3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


    Believe me. It was all my pleasure and a re-learning, return to those times in darkness brought on by a simple act of someone telling me a believable lie. That's all.

    You should be writing novels. I mean it.

    And thanks for the follow. I will send you a personal thank you email in the days ahead to show my appreciation.

    Keep up the great work.

    Kenneth, your Friend for Life

  • Shyron E Shenko profile image

    Shyron E Shenko 

    3 years ago from Texas

    Robin, this is soulful, I am truly touched by this poem. I love poems, reading and writing them.

    voted up (thumb-up) UABI and shared



  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    3 years ago from New York

    James-wolve Thank you for the read and commentary. Glad this touched a nerve. Will stop in and read from your hubs.

    CrisSp Thank you for the read and for the important commentary. I will continue to drop in on your work.

    kenneth avery I am glad you were moved and that you took the time to read my work. Thank you.

  • kenneth avery profile image

    Kenneth Avery 

    3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama


    Wow! This hub was actually a living organism of life and pain combined. It is much like my style that I love, Abstract/prose. Voted up and all of the choices.

    Keep up the great work. This really touched me.


  • CrisSp profile image


    3 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

    Oh how sad but deeply and exquisitely expressed.

    Up and sharing.

  • James-wolve profile image

    Tijani Achamlal 

    4 years ago from Morocco

    This one hit me hard. Maybe because I can relate to it so well..Anyway,Thanks for this gem!

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    6 years ago from New York

    JyurriOukan Thank you for your thoughtful commentary, accolades, and for visiting my hub.

    ArtGirl Thank you for the accolades. Appreciate it. Thanks for the read.

  • Art Girl 27 profile image

    Art Girl 27 

    6 years ago from East Coast USA

    Wow...really awesome and specific yet open enough to let imagination flow. Wow. My first and second and third reaction. Wow.

  • JyurriOukan profile image


    6 years ago

    I would say lovely poem, but it is quite sad. Though, beautifully written.

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    6 years ago from New York

    mr-veg Thanks for the read and for the addendum, so noted. I look forward t reading your hubs.

    AudreyHowitt Thanks for the commentary and the time it took to read this piece.

  • AudreyHowitt profile image

    Audrey Howitt 

    6 years ago from California

    Sad wrte Robin, and the last line says it all for me--

  • mr-veg profile image


    6 years ago from Colorado United States

    Sweetly said ! Voted up and Interesting. can we add the lines... Betrayal went too far, and my heart fell off the Love Radar ! :)

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    6 years ago from New York

    sueswan Thanks for taking the time to read this piece. Yes, I agree that fragmenting does not easily fit back into the whole because scars last a lifetime.

    Imkarn23 Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this piece. As you know, an artist never truly reveals all the details in a response. It is for you the reader to commune with the art and find your own reality within it. Thanks!

    Vincent Moore Thanks for stopping in and digesting this piece. I am glad it struck a chord. No one should inflict pain on another person if at all possible. Betrayal is deep and does not go away. When a person lies and the other knows it, denial is unacceptable and trust is forever broken. Happy New Year to you great poet.

    dghbrh Thanks for the read. Yes, bittersweet. I see where you are coming from exactly.

    chicagoguy Welcome. Thanks for communing with this piece and for your support. Emotionally charged, agreed.

  • chicagoguy profile image

    Raj Lally Batala 

    6 years ago from Chicago ,USA

    The damage done has left an innocent impaired. !! emotional poem !! good work !! voted up !

  • dghbrh profile image


    6 years ago from ...... a place beyond now and beyond here !!!

    Profoundly emotional and very nicely done. I could relate to the poem so nicely though in a bitter sweet way. Thanks for sharing this one. Votes up and away.

  • profile image

    Vincent Moore 

    6 years ago

    Any man who hurts a woman emotionally or physically in my opinion is not a man. Why can't they just walk away? Instead they insist on lingering and hurting, they have this need to inflict pain. I have had my issues in marriage and my last divorce was a War of the Roses. It cost me dearly, yet through it all we did not become vilolent physically towards each other, it was however the worse kind of mental stress we imposed on both of us. I say stop the bleeding as quickly as possible and get out of the situation if at all possible. I know its not always the case, many men have to be the WINNERS at all cost and they inflict pain in many ways. Its a sad worl we live in and relationships are all part of it. Peace and blessings I send to you this eve and I wish you only the Happiest New Year, start by finding yourself and getting away from an abusive relationship, hopefully you are far away from it now.

  • ImKarn23 profile image

    Karen Silverman 

    6 years ago

    one word kept repeating itself as i read your incredibly raw poem: Narcissist. This woman has been the victim of a textbook narcissist..

    of course..i could be completely off base, but - it sure struck a chord with...someone who knows..

    don't let him win - live!

    he didn't deserve you - and you don't deserve the pain..

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Hi Robin

    "Desensitizing a human soul,

    altering the remaining fragments

    that were once whole."

    The remaining fragments will never blend in with the original whole. There will always be that rough edge that so easily can cut our heart and spirit like a knife.

    Voted up

    Take care :)

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    6 years ago from New York

    Once trust is broken it cannot be repaired.

  • Pearldiver profile image

    Rob Welsh 

    6 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

    Well said... though for extreme situations, often Scorpio justice is called for... that is where the betrayor becomes unwittingly, the betrayee... :)

    I understand perfectly this too common practice... as it is so often used by those who dream of power and one-up-man-ship....

    Merry Christmas... two words I trust will not betray you, as they did for the Mr Dicken's poor Scrooge... take care.. PD

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    6 years ago from New York

    xtatic Thank you very much.

  • xstatic profile image

    Jim Higgins 

    6 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

    Sad poem of the feelings and damage left behind by betrayal. Very well done.

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    6 years ago from New York

    web23 Welcome to my hub and thank you for reading and commenting. I thank you for wanting more and will certainly return the readership.

    AmyBecherer Thanks for stopping in. Glad you liked it.

    Gypsy Rose Lee Thanks for the read and votes.

    breakfastpop Thanks for the read. Glad you see its validity.

    For all, we know when others lie to us. You may not forgive them ever and that would be understood, but on some level you might still have to deal with them anyway even if there is lost respect and trust.

    The truth will set you free and help the person to trust you once again. Otherwise, that betrayal resides between the people forever like an 800lb gorilla.

  • breakfastpop profile image


    6 years ago

    A lovely portraylof a scenario that happens way too often. Up and awesome.

  • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

    Gypsy Rose Lee 

    6 years ago from Riga, Latvia

    Voted up and beautiful. Romantically sad but just incredible. The emotion shines through.

  • Amy Becherer profile image

    Amy Becherer 

    6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

    Your words speak to too many. Beautifully eloquently said, Robin. Thank you.

  • web923 profile image

    Bill Blackburn 

    6 years ago from Twentynine Palms, California

    Very heart felt poem... Well done! I'm off to read more of your hubs; the titles are captivating!

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    6 years ago from New York

    Mhatter99 Thank you for reading this and glade you were able to connect.

    DDE Thanks for the read and glad you connected as well.

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 

    6 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Incredible description!!! The truth is often the hardest to breakthrough

  • Mhatter99 profile image

    Martin Kloess 

    6 years ago from San Francisco

    Thank you so much for this. I can relate at least 3 times. 2 are very horrible.

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile imageAUTHOR

    Robin Grosswirth 

    6 years ago from New York

    Thank you for the read and for the share. Some people make good victims.

  • Deborah Brooks profile image

    Deborah Brooks Langford 

    6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

    Oh my dear how sad.. and so beautiful.. why do things like this happen?. the hurt and sorrow..

    I will share this beautiful piece




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